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Kattan kappi Tours

We Want to bring the human touch back to our Cultural interactions

Kattan Kappi Tours, a partnership firm which essentially deals with all works related to tourism including inbound and outbound tour packages all over the world, and also engage in adventure tourism with special focus on trekking, rock climbing, and beach activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and the like. We also provide Accommodation options around the world and we have tie ups with 500 major hotels around India and also has an international tie up for our European tours. We provide all sorts of luxury vehicles according to your need. The prospective travellers do not need to worry about any aspect related of travel as we cover each and every aspect related to your travel.

Although ours is a relatively new venture, we adhere to the core principle which is followed by fellow Indians – “Athithi Devo Bhava” which means us, in India treats our guests as representative of God itself.

And about our company name being Kattan Kappi Tours, I feel there is a need to explain why we chose the same for our venture. The name itself means “Black Coffee” in native language and we are planning to expand our business into restaurants or cafe in the future.