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Treatment for Nervous Disability

Nervous disability can affect anybody at any age. The Ayurvedic treatment this ailment is specifically aimed at treating the basic pathology of the disease. The treatment will include internal medicines for correcting disabilities and various therapeutic programs that includes Sirodhara, Sirovasti, Nasyam, Pizhichil and Pichu. All the treatment varies with each patient and no two individuals may be offered the same treatment.
The major aspects of an ayurvedic treatment for nervous disability is maintaining a proper diet, healing supplements, yoga and ayurvedic therapies that nourish and empower the nervous system. The effectiveness of ayurvedic treatments in helping to recover from nervous disabilities and diseases and in the supportive aspect is unmatched.

Price On Request

This package will also include:

  • Welcome Drink on Arrival
  • Accommodation in uniquely designed, independent villas
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – Veg. only)
  • Daily allotment of in-room mineral-water [1 per person per day, max of 2 bottles per room per day]; unlimited supply of herbal-water.
  • Two Ayurvedic Therapies per person daily with Steam Bath
  • Juice or Herbal tea after every massage. Additional food-items will be charged extra.
  • Group-Yoga session daily morning; Individual classes are available on chargeable basis.
  • Group-Meditation session daily evening; Individual classes are available on chargeable basis.
  • Lecture on Ayurveda (Once a Week)
  • Demonstration on Ayurveda Cooking (Once a Week)
  • Village Walk (Once a Week)
  • Complimentary Village Walk (Once a Week)
  • Visit to our Proprietary Ayurvedic Factory (Chargeable Basis). Please ask our friendly staff for rates and details.
  • Daily Personal Lifestyle & Fitness Evaluation
  • Use of Swimming pool, Library. Gym and all Indoor & Outdoor Facilities
  • Internal medicines given for your treatment can only be ascertained as your treatment progresses and will cost extra.
  • The strokes of massage create heat and friction that improves circulation and helps to cleanse affected tissues of chemical impurities that cause symptoms of bronchitis. You will also receive instructions to massage these oils on your own in future. And along with that there will be yoga and meditation classes for postural corrections and teaching of proper breathing techniques. This facilitates relief and prevention of further episodes of bronchial attack. Yoga and meditation also help relieve emotional disturbances and anxiety.

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