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India Tourism industry is one of the most profitable industries in the country. The tourism industry also needs marketing to attract the tourists. Compared to other marketing plans Tourism marketing has different characteristics. If you want to attract national or international tourists, the tourism marketing is very expensive. Like other marketing effort the tourism marketing is also begin with a plan. Marketing is based on the concept of making your business easy to find visitors to your website through inspiring and attractive content.

Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing can be done in three different ways:

  • External
  • Internal
  • Word-of-mouth.

In External marketing they promote the tourism product to the traveler by enhancing the benefits and making promises through the channels and media.

When the tourism service provider makes contact with the tourist and delivers the promised benefits that is internal marketing.

This is the most effective way to promote tourism. Word-of-mouth communication means when visitors or employees discuss their experiences of the tourism product to others.

Travel and tourism marketing encourage and attracts people to go and visit a desired location. There are some factors that affecting the marketing of travel and tourism.

They are:

  • Seasons
  • Events
  • Currency Rates
  • Government Support
  • Travel Trends


This is a very important factor. There are two kinds of season low season and high season. In low season brings lower charges, cheaper flights and less interest. But in high season all rates associated with the travel is increased.


When a tourist place or destination has a special event like annual festivals or events, such as the Olympics, travel marketing is increased accordingly.

Currency Rates

Currency rate is one of the important factors that affect the marketing of travel and tourism. Tourism marketing is directly affected by difference in the currency rates between countries. World currencies move up and down and it directly affect the people. When the dollar is down against a given currency, travelers get less for their money, and when it is up travelers get more.

Govermennt Suppoprts

Most governments now have included tourism in their national development strategies. The objectives of these efforts will increase the economy of the country. These circumstances directly affect travel and tourism marketing for a destination.

Travel Trends

The travel trend is changes year to year. Trends can be the types of destinations that are in vogue, like beaches and European city tours etc. Trends affect the places to which people travel.

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