Strength Of Kerala Tourism

Kerala the land called God's own country, is the greenest destination for every tourist. The lush greenery precisely called as the tropical greenery, the exotic cuisine , breathtaking natural delights the serene beaches , sprawling plantations enthralling art forms , cultural wealth, amazing festivals , the never ending features of Kerala is more beautiful when it experienced.

The state is located in the south -west region of India networked by 44 rivers bordered by Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats in the east with immense geographical, social, cultural and economic richness.

Eco-tourism in Kerala is a new concept but the principles underlying is completely traditional and nature-friendly. Eco tourism in its essence is a deliberate travel to natural areas where the visitor will get to know the cultural and natural history of the environment while producing economic opportunities. The motto of Eco-tourism is a peek into the Eco-system without any harm to the organisms and environment but at the same time experiencing and creating awareness as to how the nature works with economic benefit.

Now there is a question for the need of such a new concept to tourism .The answer is very simple. When tourism is devoid of a well-managed program and ethical motive, chances of natural habitats getting destroyed is more, also a cultural shock to local communities. To an extend awareness campaign and stipulation will help. In this context, Eco tourism is considered as a solution for tourism related environmental problems.

Kerala tourism destinations are very vivid .They are the beaches, backwaters, hill stations, wild life sanctuaries and culture including festivals.

The major strength of Kerala tourism are;
  • The 12 Wild Life Sanctuaries and 2 National parks.
  • The biological diversity.
  • Water bodies within the forest area because of the dams and hydel projects which will provide recreational facilities.
  • Scope for mountaineering, trekking, bird watching etc
  • Well developed road network helping transportation.
  • Availability of trained forest staff in wildlife, ecology etc.
  • Well-informed public and conservation groups who are always watchful of the adverse impacts of Eco tourism initiatives

Strength Of Kerala Tourism

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