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Kattan Kappi Tours, a partnership firm which essentially deals with all works related to tourism including inbound and outbound tour packages all over the world, and also engage in adventure tourism with special focus on trekking, rock climbing, and beach activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and the like.

luxury car for events


As premium experience is synonymous with the quality of your drive, we provide all sorts of premium vehicles like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, and the like. All the rides we offer are handled by experienced drivers who are highly capable and very knowledgeable. We at Kattankappi Tours highly value your comfort, safety and satisfaction.

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air ticketing


Our years of association with major airlines around the world help us to issue air tickets at most affordable rates to all sectors whether it is domestic or international. We have been issuing economy, business and luxury call tickets to groups as well as individuals for several years 100% satisfaction to the customers.

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visit visa for all countries


You select the destination you want to travel, we assist you to get the visa to your destination with us you can get it at ease.

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Taxi services


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the cars of Kattankappi Tours are there at your service. Convenient and inexpensive, our range of cars budget cars to high-end luxury cars. In-fact we have cars which suites all occasions and functions.

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Home stay


Stay away from the hustle and bustle of hotels, enjoy your holidays in serene manner with a stay in government recognized homestays across India.

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Flat for daily rent


Fully furnished and interior designed flat are available for rent in all major cities in the country. Many travellers prefer to stay these type of flat which gives them a homely atmosphere moreover rented flats are much better when you are planning to stay in a destination for a long time.

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hotel booking


Just tell us your destination and your budget we will find you the best possible hotel / resort there. With years of impeccable service in the field of hotel and resort booking we can offer you the best hotels / resort at the most affordable rates which no one can offer. We have tie ups with the major hotels around the world which offers great service and accommodation options at great prices just for you. We provide hotel booking in India and rest of the world through our company and can help you get what you need for deals that you would not normally get online.

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yoga packages


Yoga is actually a way of life to eternal health and happiness. We help to attain that with power yoga yoga packages. Rejuvenate your mind and soul with yoga sessions. Our yoga packages includes stay at hotel / resort in the destination your prefer and clubbed with yoga session handled by expert yoga practitioners.

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House Boat Booking


Houseboats are always a fascination for people around the world. It is quite inevitable during a Kerala tour package to spend a whole day in a houseboat. For first time travellers and repeated travellers a ride in the houseboat and enjoying the emerald backwaters of Kerala always mesmerize them.

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Group Tours


It is always enchanting to travel with a group. We are and have been a partner when it comes to experience a perfectly organized and unforgettable group travel. The organization of group travel is always a very special challenge, but is a shared experience and pleasure for the whole group. We would like to be such a partner who organizes with attention to detail, years of experience and excellent destination knowledge for you and your group for the perfect trip.

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