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We Want to bring the human touch back to our Cultural interactions
Kattan Kappi Tours, a partnership firm which essentially deals with all works related to tourism including inbound and outbound tour packages all over the world, and also engage in adventure tourism with special focus on trekking, rock climbing, and beach activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and the like. We also provide Accommodation options around the world and we have tie ups with 500 major hotels around India and also has an international tie up for our European tours. We provide all sorts of luxury vehicles according to your need. The prospective travellers do not need to worry about any aspect related of travel as we cover each and every aspect related to your travel.

Although ours is a relatively new venture, we adhere to the core principle which is followed by fellow Indians - "Athithi Devo Bhava" which means us, in India treats our guests as representative of God itself.

And about our company name being Kattan Kappi Tours, I feel there is a need to explain why we chose the same for our venture. The name itself means "Black Coffee" in native language and we are planning to expand our business into restaurants or cafe in the future.

Corporate Introduction

Our knowledge comes from years of practical experience leading and guiding visitors around this most spectacular part of Asia. We are dedicated to giving our clients the holiday experience of a lifetime and are confident that with our local know-how and regional connections we can do just that time after time. We understand the essential ingredients for any holiday; from clean and comfortable accommodation to excellent cuisine and the chance to immerse oneself in the culture of the country you are visiting.

Whether you are part of a group tour or a tailor made itinerary our staff both in the offices and out in the field will ensure that your every need is catered for. It is no secret that Asia and Indochina in particular places great importance on the well being of visitors to their shores. At CAFE kattankappi Tourist we believe passionately in the ethos of customer service and care.

We aim to scratch beneath the surface and unearth the real Indochina for you - its cultures, cuisines, history and peoples. We also believe in creating tours that strike a balance between scheduled events and free time, allowing you to see the destinations at your own pace.

How are we recognized?
CAFE kattankappi Tourist is no doubt a thriving online travel supplier, dedicated to providing the finest online purchasing experience for all your travel needs. CAFE kattankappi Tourist strives to make itself the ultimate online travel superstore with the widest selection and best prices. We guarantee that you will enjoy our premier quality services.

We are also a reputable destination management company who support its international partners with best quality in service, tarriff and availibilty. Our partners have been enjoying our efficiency and effectiveness in serving our clients and instant responses in critical situation.

What we value?
We always believe that we are not merely showing new places to our fellow customers, but actually extending our knowledge of different ethnic cultures in Indochina to our customers. The development of the understanding and acceptance of all different ethnic cultures on the planet earth will, in our eyes, allow us to live in peace and harmony. We strongly urge anyone and everyone to come forward and experience the differences of our services compared to a regular travel agency. We are very sure that we will not only open up your eyes to these cultures and experiences but also your heart to them.

kattankappi Tourist works out of its way "To achieve bayond customer expectation". We view every customer as a customer for life. We work diligently to make sure your online purchasing experience is the smoothest, most pleasurable online purchase possible. We have the latest e-commerce and internet technologies to provide you with real time order status information, safe and secure SSL encrypted transactions and much more.
Our first-hand customer service

Online Customer Service is available (9:00am~5:00pm, Monday~Sunday, GMT+7). Responses are guaranteed within 24 business hours; however, in most cases you will receive your answer within 2 - 3 hours on a business day.
During your vacation with us, kattankappitour guides and divers, those who are "on the field" with you, will provide first hand assistance to most of your instant requests or issues arised. The office staff with great communication chanels, expertise skills and lifetime experiences in the business are always responsively backing up. kattankappi staff will only have done their job until our clients happily arrive home safe and sound.
Let us know how we are doing; e-mail us your feedback at Your complete and total satisfaction is our greatest ambition!

Have a question? E-mail us at admin@kattankappi.com or and let us know how we can help you plan a trip to your next Indochina destination! Our standards of excellence have given kattankappi Tourist the ability to provide a variety of tours and vacation packages. We are striving to present to you the most affordable and quality tours/vacation packages the region has to offer.
So come with us and let us bring you the experience of life time!

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Kattan Kappi Tours are one of the most affordable India tour operators which essentially deal with all sorts of Kerala tourism packages, India tour packages and International packages.

Our ancillary services

Taste Buds in Trivandrum - where we provide up to date information about the best dishes in the major hotels around Trivandrum and in turn help you to find out for what dish or special food is the hotel famous for.